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Why Every EV Owner Needs a Home Charging Station

Are you tired of hunting for a public charging station every time you need to charge your electric vehicle
(EV)? Or perhaps you’re considering making the switch to an EV, but the lack of charging options in your
area is holding you back. Either way, you’re not alone. As EVs become increasingly popular, the demand
for convenient and reliable charging solutions is only growing. That’s where an at-home EV charger
comes in. In this article, we’ll show you why installing an EV charger at home can be a game-changer for
EV owners. From cost savings to convenience to property value, the benefits are numerous. So if you
want to make the most of your EV ownership (or future EV ownership), keep reading.
These are a few of the benefits of having an EV charger at home:

1) Convenience & Reliability

If you own an electric vehicle (EV) in a rural area, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a
public charging station. Even in urban areas, charging stations can be overcrowded, leaving you to wait in
long lines or scramble to find an available outlet. This inconsistent access to public charging can lead to
one of the biggest concerns for EV owners: “range anxiety.” This is the fear that they won’t have enough
power to get to where they need to go. All of these concerns and inequities are alleviated by the
installation of a home charging station. Instead of having to constantly search for public charging stations,
make trips to recharge your EV, and potentially wait in long lines to charge, you can have peace of mind
with your reliable home EV charger.
Having a home EV charger allows you to charge your vehicle overnight and save yourself the time spent
at public charging stations during the day. On top of that, home charging stations are much more reliable
and predictable than public ones in terms of pricing and availability. Public charging stations are still too
new to gauge whether their pricing will be steady or increase for peak times, such as holiday weekends.
Reports of broken or malfunctioning public charging stations are quite common also. With a home EV
charger, you can avoid the uncertainty and inconvenience of public charging stations, and have the peace
of mind that comes with knowing you can always recharge your vehicle when you need to.

2) Cost savings

While the upfront installation cost can be significant, having a home EV charger can provide substantial
savings in the long term. By charging your vehicle overnight when electricity rates are lower, you can cut
down on your recharging costs.
Additionally, you may be able to get a federal tax credit for the hardware and installation costs of your
home EV charger, further reducing the upfront expense. The federal government is providing funding for
state incentives for the installation of EV charging stations. Illinois, for example, recently enacted the
Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, which includes rebates to help offset the cost of installing and
maintaining EV charging stations in the public and private sectors. The legislation, which went into effect

on July 1, 2022, states that the Illinois Power Agency will cover up to 80% of these costs. There are
similar programs in other states across the country.
In contrast, charging your EV at a public charging station can be more expensive, as you may be paying a
markup for the electricity you use. As a result, the long-term savings from using a home EV charger can
exceed the initial installation and equipment costs.

3) Upgrade your home value

In addition to the convenience and potential savings for homeowners, installing a home EV charger can
also be a smart investment for the future. As electric vehicles become more common, the demand for EV
charging stations in residential and commercial areas will continue to grow. By installing a home EV
charger, you can differentiate your property and make it more attractive to potential tenants. Global real
estate leader CBRE
notes that “electric vehicle charging may be viewed as a near-term perk or amenity,
but evidence suggests it will be a necessity for commercial properties in the future—real estate investors
and owners must be prepared for the EV revolution.” Investing in a home EV charger now can set you up
for success in the future as the demand for EV charging continues to rise.

4) Maintenance

Reliance on public charging stations can be detrimental to the health of your EV’s battery in the long run.
Many public charging stations use Level 3 “superchargers,” which are designed to recharge EV batteries
quickly. While this may be convenient in some situations, these chargers can be harmful to your vehicle’s
battery if used frequently. Instead, it is recommended to use lower-level charging stations, which are
gentler on your battery and can help extend its lifespan.
In addition, avoiding the need to drive to and from public charging stations can help to keep your EV’s
mileage low and reduce the need for maintenance. EV automakers recommend limiting the use of Level 3
fast chargers to avoid degrading your battery. Even Tesla has programmed its cars to limit charging speeds
if they are supercharged too often. While it may be tempting to take advantage of a fast charger on a road
trip, using them frequently can negatively impact your battery’s health and lifespan. Overall, having a
home EV charger can provide a more convenient and gentle way to recharge your vehicle.

5) Earn extra money

Believe it or not, installing an EV charger at home can earn you some extra money. When you’re not
using your EV charger, you have the option of renting it out to others. There are several platforms, such as
JustCharge and CoCharger, that allow you to list your charger and set the cost for using it. This can
provide a financial benefit, as you can earn back some of the money you spent on the charger and
potentially even turn a profit in the long term.
In addition to the potential financial benefits, renting out your home EV charger can also support
sustainability and help to reduce range anxiety for EV drivers. By providing more charging options, you

can help to encourage the uptake of zero-emission vehicles and contribute to the transition to a more
sustainable transportation system.
If you’re considering installing an at-home EV charging station in the Chicagoland area, Brilliant Home
Services can help. As licensed electrical contractors with experience in EV charging station installations,
we can provide solutions for both home and business installations, and handle all permitting issues. Our
team is experienced with all types of EV charging stations, including Level 1, 2, and 3, and we offer
ongoing maintenance agreements to keep your station running smoothly. We specialize in installing
240-volt outlets and 30 to 60-amp garage chargers.
When you’re ready to invest in an EV charger, our team can inspect your home, provide recommendations
on the best charging station for your needs, and handle the installation process for you. To learn more
about our EV charging station installation services and to schedule an installation, please contact us. We
look forward to helping you take advantage of the many benefits of having a home EV charging station.