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  • Phone(847) 588-2533
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  • Open Hours24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Spring Means It’s Time to Talk about Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air-conditioner-repairmanIt’s spring once again here in Chicago… although that doesn’t mean we start to enjoy warm weather immediately. Warmer weather maybe, but right now isn’t a time when you’ll need to rev up your air conditioner to keep your home cooled down. That will probably start in May.

But wait a minute… May isn’t that far off! Less than a month away. And those warmer temperatures might arrive at the end of April with little warning. Your air conditioning system will start it’s job soon enough, so you can’t afford to let it go without special attention from HVAC professional. And that means it’s time for your AC’s regular spring maintenance inspection and tune-up.

Why Spring AC Maintenance Is So Important

We understand that arranging for maintenance is a minor hassle, and nobody really likes doing it. “Can’t I just skip it this year? Nothing seems wrong with the air conditioner.”

Nothing seems wrong, because either 1) you’ve kept up with regular maintenance service until now, or 2) what’s wrong with the air conditioner hasn’t shown outward signs yet. Either case shows the importance of keeping up with annual spring tune-ups and inspections.

Dependable air conditioning system performance

You can bet that an AC that manages to live up to and beyond its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, as well as past its warranty, is one that has gotten its routine maintenance service done every year like clockwork. (In fact, for many warranties it’s necessary to have yearly maintenance or else the warranty is voided.)

The inspections, cleaning, adjustments, and general tune-up work done during spring maintenance relieve stress from an air conditioner and make its work easier. The system won’t wear down as rapidly, translating into a long service life. And it won’t cost as much to run, keeping its efficiency rating almost to the very end.

Avoiding Repairs and Sudden Breakdowns

Many troubles that an air conditioner might face during its lifetime don’t create obvious signs when they first start. They build slowly, causing chain reactions in other components until the problem is larger—and more expensive to fix. Regular maintenance gives an HVAC professional an opportunity to give an AC a close examination to look for places where repairs are necessary to prevent further problems.

Having this inspection done in spring leaves enough time to schedule the repairs so the air conditioner can head into the summer in great shape. And these repairs will head off the worst of all possible air conditioner troubles: a sudden failure during a hot day that traps a home without cooling.

Schedule Maintenance Today

It isn’t too much of a chore to have spring maintenance for an AC. All you have to do is find the right contractor who handles air conditioning service.

We provide complete central air conditioning services in Lincoln Park, IL or elsewhere in the Chicagoland area. We have the knowledgeable technicians who can diagnose the problem and get the job done right the first time. Talk to our specialists today to arrange for your air conditioning maintenance appointment.

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